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导读: Mark Tokuuke - College of Business & Economics (CoBE) student A student at the University of Hawaii at Hilo C...

 Mark Tokuuke - College of Business & Economics (CoBE) student

A student at the University of Hawaii at Hilo College of Business and Economics (CoBE) recently finished first in his industry in the international version of the Business Strategy Game (BSG)。 Mark Tokuuke was invited to take part in the competition following his first-in-class performance in MGT 490 (Strategic Management), which is CoBE’s required capstone class. The BSG is a popular simulation used by both undergraduate and MBA programs. Over the last 12 months, the game has been used by 48,314 students in 2,729 classes at 566 campus locations in 51 different countries. BSG In the Business Strategy Game, students are assigned to operate an athletic footwear company that produces and markets both branded and private-label footwear. The players are responsible for assessing market conditions, determining how to respond to actions of competitors, forging a long-term direction and strategy for the company, forecasting sales volumes and making related decisions.Each company’s performance is based on a balanced scorecard that includes brand image, earnings per share, return on equity investment, stock price appreciation, and credit rating. Players who finish first in their institution’s BSG simulation exercise advance to the next level by receiving an invitation to participate in the Best-Strategy Invitational (BSI): a global competition among high-performing BSG companies from around the world. Tokuuke’s team "K" competed within an industry that included teams from California, Nevada, Malaysia, Canada, Greece, Mexico, and Nigeria. He finished first in his industry by earning a perfect score of 100 in performance plus six bonus points for accurate forecasting. “Mark approached the game very systematically. He put in the time to understand the algorithms, anticipated the likely moves of his competitors, and consistently planned and executed his strategy,” said Dr. Emmeline de Pillis, UH Hilo professor of management. The strategy class is where the student has the opportunity to use everything they’ve been exposed to up to this point, and Mark was really able to show what he's learned in the program.”
Read more information about the College of Business & Economics (CoBE) program at UH Hilo. 
Mark Tokuuke – 商业与经济学院的学生
一名来自夏威夷大学Hilo校区商业与经济学院的学生近期以行业第一的成绩结束了他在国际版经营策略游戏的旅程。Mark Tokuuke 在完成他最新的表现后,被邀请参加了商业经济学院必修综合性课程里的一项竞赛MGT 490 (策略管理)。BSG是一项被本科生和工商管理硕士的学生们经常操作且很受欢迎的模拟游戏。在过去的一年里,这个游戏已经被51个国家566个校区2729个班级48314名学生玩过。在经营策略这个游戏中,学生们被分配去经营一家运动鞋公司,专门生产和销售知名品牌和自有品牌的运动鞋。玩家主要负责评估市场情况,决定如何回应对手的行动,为公司制定一个长期的方向和策略,以及预测销量指数和作出相关的决策。每家公司的表现都是基于一张评分积分卡,里面包含了品牌形象,每股盈利,股本回报率,股价增值和信用评级等评分项目。哪个玩家能首先完成他们机构的BSG模拟练习,就可以晋级到下一个阶段,并收到参加最佳策略邀请赛的邀请,而该比赛是一项在全球高绩效BSG公司中举办的比赛。Tokuuke 的团队和来自加州,内华达州,马来西亚,加拿大,希腊,墨西哥以及尼日利亚这个行业的其他团队进行竞争。夏威夷大学Hilo校区管理学院的教授Emmeline de Pillis 博士说:“Mark处理这个游戏非常的系统化。他会花时间去理解运算法则,预测对手的动向并不断地计划和执行他的策略。策略课堂是一个学生有机会可以使用他们任何能接触到的东西来帮助他们达到这个目标的地方。Mark真正的把他在这个课堂上学到的东西展示了出来。
Elyssa Rae-Ann Correia - Political Science student
A political science student at the University of Hawaii at Hilo was awarded the prestigious Harry S. Truman Scholarship. Elyssa Rae-Ann Correia, from Hilo, was one of 54 scholarship recipients from across the country to win. 
Correia is involved with various community organizations; with youth advocacy as a career goal, Elyssa intends to serve as legal representation for Penn Hawai‘i Youth Foundation. This local non-profit organization encourages positive values in Hawai‘i's youth through martial arts, fostering the Hawaiian ideals of humility, respect, and ohana. Correia is also a member of the 2012 UH Hilo Model United Nations Team and the president of the Model UN Club. The Truman Scholarship honors the legacy of President Harry S. Truman and provides up to $30,000 in funding to students pursuing graduate degrees in public service fields. Each year since 1977-78, hundreds of college juniors compete for roughly 60 awards. The rigorous selection process requires candidates have a strong record of public service, as well as a policy proposal that addresses a particular issue in society. 
“Elyssa is very deserving of this award,” said Dr. Sarah Marusek, assistant professor of political science who served as Correia’s advisor. “As a Truman Scholar and outstanding student at UH Hilo, she is an accomplished young woman with a bright future.” Read more information about the Political Science program at UH Hilo.
Elyssa Rae-Ann Correia- 政治科学专业的学生
一名来自夏威夷大学Hilo校区政治科学专业的学生赢得了声誉很高的Harry S. Truman奖学金。这位来自Hilo校区的Elyssa Rae-Ann Correia是全国54个奖学金获得者中的一名。Correia 参加过很多社区组织,目前打算担任Penn Hawai‘i 青年基金会的法律代理,并把获得青少年倡导奖作为职业目标。这家当地非营利性机构通过武术这项运动在夏威夷地区的青少年中传播正能量,促进夏威夷变成一个充满人性与尊重的地方。Correia 本人也是2012年夏威夷大学Hilo校区联合国模特队的一员和联合国模特俱乐部的首席。Truman 奖学金来自Harry S. Truman 总统的遗产,提供3万美元的奖学金来资助那些在公共服务领域攻读本科学位的学生们。自1977到1978年之后的每年起,大三的学生们都会为大约60项奖金而进行竞争。这项严苛的筛选过程需要候选人有着很强说服力的公共服务记录和提出一项能解决社会特殊问题的政策建议。Correia 的推荐人政治科学专业的副教授Sarah Marusek 博士说:“Elyssa 非常值得奖项。作为Truman奖学金的获得者和一名非常优秀的夏威夷大学Hilo校区的学生,她是一名有着光明前途且很有教养的年轻女士。





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