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Our Service to our Partner Institutions

We provide the high standard services at all times to our partner institutions, including:
  • Comprehensive review of applications to ensure suitability at counseling stage
  • Flagging up of unsuitable applicants and bringing them to the attention of the international recruitment office at the institutions
  • Providing through our Database:
    • Ability to input applications received, therefore doing away with extra e-mail or postage charges
    • Ability to input offers in real time, thus offering students prompt responses
    • Useful information of the country, such as advice on local institutions, students, qualifications, etc
  • Assisting our partner institutions in setting up visits and interviews in our offices, including booking hotels and other logistic work
  • Coordinating in-country activities, such as graduation ceremonies, alumni functions, etc
  • Organizing mini-exhibitions or road shows either on-site or through virtual means via the internet to have students' attention on a small group of institutions
  • Offering Fraudulent Documents Checking services to our partner institutions
  • Providing our partners, where possible, useful market and marketing information, and strategic support
  • Assisting our partner institutions to enhance the connectivity with local schools across China
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