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导读:在教学的过程中,当问到学生雅思口语三痛的部分。现在个部分的考试哪个部分最难以对付时,大多数情况下学生会认为Part 2是最令人头P...

在教学的过程中,当问到学生雅思口语三痛的部分。现在个部分的考试哪个部分最难以对付时,大多数情况下学生会认为Part 2是最令人头Part 2 的话题越来越细化、刁钻,虽然有1分钟的准备时间,但在紧张的考试环境下,大部分学生都称“脑子是空白的”,以导致不充分的准备让1-2分钟的描述变得非常的惨白,无奈收尾,给考官的感觉始终印象不深刻,无法达到通过细致的描述想亲自尝试的意愿。

通过分析学生Part 2的回答范例,发现不少同学要么仅将话题卡中给的问题提示作以简单回答,要么使用较为明显的模板回答方式---也就是我们常说的无关紧要的话,来填塞内容上的空白。如 ”If I really have to choose a place to describe, I’d like to tell you that …. is such the place.” 这也是中国学生雅思口语在40个国家和地区垫底的原因之一。在这篇文章中,我总结出四种Part 2描述题的拓展策略。


当考生在面对话题无从下手时,可以利用 ”WH Questions”来引导思路的拓展,包括 “what, when, where, who(whom), why, how (how exactly, how often, how long, how much, how many)”。

例如,Describe a restaurant or cafe you like. 首先须明确what(the Bookworm),when(some five years ago), where (down the south of Chengdu),who(foreigners for most of time);其次是整个描述的重点why(comfortable, pleasant, intimate ),how exactly (detailed description of being comfortable, pleasant, and intimate),how often(once a month…),how much(30-40 yuan on average per person),how many(3 in Whole China)。


Sample answer:The Bookworm is my favorite cafe in this city, which is about 15 minutes drive from the Tianfu Square down the south, and unlike other fancy cafes in the downtown, it sits in a quiet surrounding. The Bookworm was born 5 years ago with the help of a journalist, who soon became the business partner and co-owner of Chengdu Bookworm. During these years, it’s been popular and welcomed by almost every foreigner in Chengdu. I guess it’s probably because the cafe is really the place that can make them feel at home, ranging from the food, coffee, inside decoration, and those books written and published from their country.

The Bookworm creates a warm and intimate atmosphere, offering its customers home style food and drink. When you get annoyed from a trouble in study or at work, having a rest at Bookworm will be the very pleasant thing to chill out. The greatest part is the live music every Friday night at which you can enjoy the best jazz and blues. There are three Bookworms in China, Beijing has the first, and Chengdu and Suzhou follow the step, therefore if you‘re taking a trip to Beijing or Suzhou, you can still have the opportunity to enjoy the nice little cafe. I like the cafe, for it’s the place where I can relax, eat, drink, read and enjoy music.


在Part 2话题描述中,如果仅有描述,仍会让整个陈述略显有些平淡,所以建议考生在描述的同时加上相应的例子,这样可以大大增加描述内容的丰富性和生动性。但是,在Part 2里例子,并不一定要非常正式的举例,如“For example”;口语化的一些表达方式会更自然一些,如“such as,like”。比如,”Describe a special shop”,除了描述这个shop里有一些special goods外,若再具体举例说明有哪些特殊商品可以更能增强生动性。In the shop, you can always find some special and interesting stuff, such as hand-made floating lantern, photo books, tiny china pot, and Nepali jewelries and things like that.


Part 2话题属于细节描述题,在适当的时候如果能够使用数据来进一步支撑描述,可以增强话题描述的真实性和说服力。但是,建议考生在使用数据的时候不要太过夸张数字,而且频率不应过多,使用一次数据就可以了。另外,与雅思写作有别的是,在写作中引用数据时最好有个出处或来源,但在回答口语Part 2问题时,这个出处可以省略,否则会导致回答内容是背诵的嫌疑,降低真实性,这就与我们的初衷背道相驰了。

比如“Describe a concert hall”,我们可以通过数据的支撑来这样描述“The Civil Concert Hall holds about 50 to 60 shows on an average each year, receiving almost 30,000 audiences, and part of them come to this hall simply because of its comfortable seats and great sound and lighting effects. ”有了数据的支撑,可以使我们对音乐厅的规模和条件有个更直观的了解,而不是简单地描述“the concert hall is very popular and well-equipped.”


1-2分钟的描述中,除了单方面地进行描述外,可以通过描述同类事物进行比较的方式来使内容更加全面细致。但是,这个部分毕竟是口语考试,所以选用的比较类的词语应为口语化的连接词,“unlike,similar,like,be different from”等。

例如“Describe a magazine”,我们这样来描述:The magazine I’ve been reading recently is O2 (Oxygen Magazine), which mainly covers good books, movies, music, and life design as well as eco protection are the key topics throughout the whole magazine. Unlike the normal magazines, you cannot find any company’s advertisement on it. Another thing makes it different from the ordinary ones is that it uses recycled paper, and that’s what it’s aimed since it was born. 通过对比的方式,可以令考官加深对描述的印象,也丰富了枯燥话题的陈述内容。

以上四种策略可以帮助考生拓展雅思口语Part 2的回答,让描述题不再变得单调乏味,通过举例和数据支撑法来增强内容的真实性,细节法和比较对照法来弥补考生在题目上“无话可说”的问题,最终取得理想的分数!









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